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Pacifica Cut Out Signet Ring


$72.00 USD

Size Guide
Ring Size Guide

Take the guesswork out of ring shopping and use our guide to help find your perfect ring size. 

Measured a ring you already own

  • Select one of your own rings that correctly fits the intended finger
  • Measure the inside diameter of the ring in mm
  • Use the below chart to determine your ring size (in diameters)

Measure your finger

  • Wrap a strip of paper or piece of string comfortably around your finger
  • Mark the spot where the paper/string meets and measure the distance with a ruler in mm
  • Use the below chart to determine your ring size (in circumference)


Ring Size US/Canada European Size Ring Size UK/AUS Ring Diameter Finger Circumference
5 49 J 15.7 49.3
6 52 L 16.5 51.9
7 55 N 17.3 54.4
8 57 P 18.1 57.0
9 59 R 19.0 59.5


Please note:

Evertess Jewelry only carries ring sizes 6, 7 & 8 at this time. Please check back for additional sizes in the future. 

We love a good signet ring. The Pacifica Cut Out ring features cutout details that really pop.


  1. .925 Sterling silver wrapped in 14k gold
  2. 10mm diameter
  3. Hypoallergenic, Safe for sensitive skin